Three Year LAnniversary!

May 31, 2014
May 31, 2014 abradshaw

Today is my 3 year LAnniversary. It’s crazy to think that I have almost been out of college as long as I was in it. I have grown so much in these past three years. Its funny to think that when I graduated I thought I had it all figured out and now I almost feel like a different person. I have met some great collaborators and even greater friends. I have also fallen in love with Los Angeles. I feel at home here now and can’t imagine living anywhere else. My career has continued its upward trend and this year someone finally gave me the opportunity I was looking for. As a producer, I also can’t wait for the projects brewing for the year ahead. All good things. My goals for this year are to really focus on creating my own projects. As much as I love working with others on their scripts and ideas, this hunger has started to grow inside me to put something out in the world from the mind of Adam Bradshaw. Stay tuned on this website for what’s ahead. Thank you for all of your support and here’s to a great year four ahead!

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